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If you have a natural sweet tooth or a sudden craving for something sweet, Lovebaked Cupcakes is the name you need to know. Today, The San Marcos Food blog will be highlighting a Baking Company that is quite the novelty. In the city of San Marcos, we really do not have anything like what they are serving at Lovebaked.

Take it from me, Lovebaked is some of the best Cupcakes in the Country.. They deserve a ton of attention and recognition for the bar that they have set for their craft. The City of San Marcos is so fortunate to have them in business here. So please, give them business and spread the word about them.. they take special orders for events etc.. they are very very flexible.

These cupcakes are inventive and fresh and combine flavors in very new and delicious ways. The “Lovebaked” Cupcake for which they are named combines Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate-Strawberry Ganache topped with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Icing. It is seriously one of the most tasty desserts I have ever had.

The “Lovebaked”

Another rather notable cupcake of theirs in my mind is the “Vanilla Bean Latte” which consists of “Vanilla Mocha Cake topped with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting” the subtle mix of mocha flavor and vanilla makes this cupcake a sure object of anyone’s desire. It is so delicate and sweet but not over-sweet. perfect tint of coffee-flavor and essence. The perfect floral icing is also a beautiful visual complement that would get anyone’s curiosity going.

The “Vanilla Bean Latte”

They even do seasonal Cupcakes such as the current “Dutch Apple Pie” which has become one of my weekly “must gets”. It really is the perfect rendition of a dutch apple pie in cupcake form. The apple filling is so flavorful and each bite is quite a treasure.

The “Dutch Apple Pie”

I will be reviewing and highlighting even more cupcakes a little further on, but this should give anyone a good idea of what to expect every day from Lovebaked.
They are even winning awards for their amazing cupcakes.. They recently won “Favorite Dessert” at the Third Annual “Taste of Hays County” with their “Mimosa” Cupcake which consists of “Tender orange cake filled with Demi-Sweet Champagne pastry cream and frosted with a Champagne buttercream”

These cupcakes are simply delicious. One can tell just by looking at them that much thought and care was put into each one. The pastry and baking process is really a science when it comes down to it, and Lovebaked’s proportions are dead-on. This is not an easy feat by any measure. I tried several different cupcakes and found them all to be unique and interesting in their own ways. I will review each cupcake individually a little later in this review.

Lovebaked Cupcakes caters events, parties, anything! they cn be contacted at You can place your order online, by email or phone.
Phone Number: 512-843-2801


The operators of this business are all very nice and informative about their menu and concerning details about different individual cupcakes. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I came away very impressed. Not only does this place do amazing cupcakes, they do cookies, delicious coffee, and hot chocolate; pretty much everything you could want to accompany something sweet.

These cupcakes are visually stunning and really catch one’s attention right out of the box.

Now onto the individual Cupcake Reviews:

I will start with the Strawberry Cupcake.

This consists of “Fresh Strawberry Cake topped with Fresh Strawberry Frosting”. This one I especially liked because strawberry is my favorite berry for baking and I really thought the flavor was a perfect marriage between vanilla cake and strawberry.

It is incredibly moist and delicate and just teeming with the aroma of strawberry, but in such balance with the cake. Further, the icing is the perfect compliment as it adds even more nuanced strawberry flavor. This is a must-try. It really shows off some beautiful skill and finesse on the part of the pastry chefs at Lovebaked.

Next up is the “Pucker Up” cupake which consists of “Lemon Buttermilk Cake filled with Lemon Curd topped with Cream Cheese Frosting”

This cupcake may look simple on the outside, but as the description reveals, it has a very tasty filling(I’ll get to that in a second). This cupcake is deliciously encompassed in the essence of lemon. I love lemon cake so this was on my mind as soon as I was informed of its existence. The Lemon Curd filling seriously takes this cupcake beyond any normal lemon cupcake. It adds such a welcome texture to each bite while also amplifying the lemon flavor to much greater heights simultaneously. It was quite a treat.

Onto the Cookies N Cream Cupcake: this cupcake consists of “Chocolate Cake topped with Oreo Buttercream Frosting garnished with an Oreo Cookie”

This cupcake is exactly how it sounds. If you love Cookies N Cream ice cream, then this cupcake may satisfy you more than mere ice cream ever could. Recreating this popular flavor in cupcake form really adds dimension to the cookies n cream flavor profile.

With this idea, there is much more room for creativity and nuance since you have the cake, the icing and topping options(in this case an oreo cookie). The chocolate cake is incredible. It is moist and bursting with chocolate flavor, not just some processed cocoa powder thrown into the batter. The icing is very good and quite accurately representative of the cookies N cream flavor. Eaten all together, this cupcake’s individual elements make one special cupcake.

Next is the “Funfetti” Cupcake which consists of “Vanilla Cake Baked with Funfetti and Topped with Vanilla Buttercream drizzled with Funfetti sprinkles”

I think that kids would especially love this cupcake because of how colorful it is. It doesn’t hurt that it is also quite delicious. As with any cupcake from this place, the cupcake itself was moist and delicate, and the icing was very complimentary. This cupcake is visually appealing in a kind of “circus” way and would be great for certain themed events. Additionally, The vanilla-buttercream icing is very tasty. This is very popular with many of the people I know who frequent Lovebaked.

Lastly is the “Birthday Cake” Cupcake which consists of “Buttermilk Cake topped with Chocolate Frosting”

Lovebaked Cupcakes really does this classic justice. It was definitely one of my personal favorites for its flavor and simplicity. Of course, I do love buttermilk cake. This could be a great substitute for buying a birthday cake as I would be hard-pressed to find a better version from anyone else around in cake or cupcake form.

Also remember that they have many more flavors than the ones I reviewed.. A lot more. So as it is plain to see, The San Marcos Food blog highly recommends that anyone in the San Marcos area sample Lovebaked Cupcakes. This Food Cart is full of items that impress and offers great prices for such novel confections.

Lovebaked Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “Lovebaked Cupcakes Review: The San Marcos Food Blog

    • I love this place! I am from Indianapolis and visited LoveBaked and it is a phenomenal cupcake eatery! I would love to have them shipped to me at least once a month if not weekly! :)

  1. I am 9 mo. pregnant and tried my first lovebaked cupcake on a trip to the post office. I tried the lovecake which was AMAZING and I now have crazy cupcake cravings and just dream about going back! I wish I lived closer to town! Thanks for writing such a great blog!

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