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Today, The San Marcos Food Blog is truly delighted to be reviewing a fantastic locally-owned bakery by the name of First Impressions Bakery and Gifts.

I found out about this bakery about a year ago and have been a regular ever since. I really love the selection and the high quality confections that they offer on a daily basis.

Z (2)

There really is no substitute for having a reliable bakery near you for the regular busy weeks when you need something sweet the most but consequently have the least amount of time to bake anything, let alone something you could really indulge in.

First Impressions Bakery is my “go-to” bakery for quite a few reasons. Everything I have ever tried here has been so tasty and fresh that its hard to not come by at least once a week for a batch of lemon squares or cookies.

I definitely have moments where my sweet tooth is quite demanding and First Impressions never disappoints. It is very clear that they put a lot of hard work, thought, and care into everything that they prepare.


They offer a wide variety of items everyday, each of which is eye-grabbing and just screaming for one to purchase and eat as fast as possible( or slowly hehe).

Everybody I talk to that is aware of this bakery seems to feel the same way that I do and my mother especially loved her double-chocolate birthday cake from First Impressions.


Not only is this place reliably delicious but the staff is always very kind and friendly when you walk in and very helpful about orders and general questions.

I am so glad that San Marcos has a place like this and I really hope that even more people will discover them and become regulars as I have.

First Impressions bakery also does events and special requests such as wedding cakes and they also offer a host of unique homemade jams.


From First Impression’s Website:

“…..Though baking and making is dear to our hearts, our true God given passion is serving the Lord and serving others. With that in mind, we are dedicated to giving back to the our community, our neighbors, and our fellow businesses and service organizations.

Specifically, we want to serve alongside others to bring joy and happiness to those in need around our community. Everyone deserves a celebration! And, our mission is to bless the hearts of those in need around us with the gifts to celebrate life!

If you know someone in need, a family needing a celebration, or an organization seeking service partnerships, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!!!…..”


First Impressions Bakery and Gifts is located at 102 Wonder World Drive, Suite 201 and can be contacted via phone at (512)667-7227

Daily Menu @

Business Hours:
7:00am – 6:00 pm     Monday – Friday
8:00am – 3:00pm    Saturday
Closed Sunday


I tried a lot of items to get a good feel for this bakery and really enjoyed each one..

They have fresh Cinnamon Rolls,  An assortment of fresh muffins made daily including Banana Nut, Blueberry, Cranberry Pecan, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Morning Glory, Walnut Raisin Wheat Bran,

Cookies of all sorts including Old Fashioned Chewy Chocolate Chip, Chewy Chocolate Chip with pecans, Triple Fudge, Cranberry Delight, Peanut Butter, Cinnadoodle,

C Roll



Lemon Squares(I love these), Brownies, Jumbo Cupcakes with fresh filling., Texas Sheet Cake.






They also offer some specialty items that are always worth getting when you stop by. This includes their famous “Cutie Pies” which are basically mini pies conceptually, but in both texture and taste they are akin to a delicious hybrid of a pie and a cookie..  I tried the Blueberry and the Strawberry variations, but their are others as well. 




Another specialty would also include their Cake Balls, with many flavors to choose from, all so decadent and delicious like Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Vanilla cake, Red Velvet Cake. Not only are they tasty but they look incredible as well.. so easy on the eyes..

Z (4)

cake balls3




On March 28, 2014 First Impressions Bakery and Gifts celebrated the 2nd Year Anniversary of their Official Opening.

This bakery is owned and operated by a great lady who left another job to pursue her passion in baking and I am glad that San Marcos has supported this local bakery as much as it has. If you have not tried First Impressions, it really is a must if you live in San Marcos.

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