Root Cellar Bakery Review : The San Marcos Food Blog

On perhaps the busiest corner in San Marcos sits a quiet and welcoming bakery that, once inside, slows the pace of the day to day and offers a peaceful break, along with a tasty pastry and a relaxing cup of coffee.  This downtown gem, at the corner of Hopkins and LBJ, is The Root Cellar Bakery.  IMG_4348.JPG

Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery opened in 2005, offering San Marcos a warm and homely atmosphere with a menu that is nothing short of exquisite.

A newer installation of the same charm and locale can be found in the Root Cellar Bakery.

As an early bird, I like to start my day with a sturdy coffee and a little something to get me going.  Whether you prefer sweet or savory, the bakery has something to help you start your day.  IMG_4355

I prefer to go the savory route so you can find me with a cappuccino and nice warm Quiche.  The cappuccino is masterfully executed and the quiche is a classic and comforting breakfast staple, with eggs, spinach, tomatoes, etc. all on a perfectly flaky crust.  With a breakfast like this, the day is really all downhill from there.  IMG_4327.JPG


For those of you with a sweet tooth there are plenty of pastries to choose from.  My personal favorite, the lemon tart.


They also have a variety of fresh stuffed-croissants every day with either fruit filling such as blueberry or blackberry as well as meat and cheese combinations like turkey-swiss and sausage and cheddar. These are incredibly delicious and a must-try.

phone pics August 2015 054

Let’s not forget about lunchtime however.  Stop into the Root Cellar Bakery to grab a featured sandwich of the day.  Each day, a new sandwich is offered while they last.  My chicken, spinach, and goat cheese sandwich on a fluffy croissant was both elegant and simple.  With artfully combined flavors the sandwich was nothing short of mouth-watering.


After a long day be sure to stop by for happy hour to enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold craft beer, and cheese tray to unwind.


Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or a study break in between, make sure to visit the Root Cellar Bakery to treat yourself to some terrific food with a singularly San Marcos style; open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see who will be featured each Friday for live music at Root Cellar Bakery.


Root Cellar Bakery Website:

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