Cake in A Cup Review: The San Marcos Food Blog

Today, The San Marcos Food Blog takes great pleasure in highlighting a very special local baker named Carly Skelton and her fantastic baking business affectionately referred to as Cake in a Cup. Carly founded Cake in A Cup quite recently and is currently in the process of expanding and growing both her baking repertoire as well as the types of customers and events that she serves.


Carly actually started out on this baking endeavor by raising funds for mission trips. During this time, she discovered that she loved the baking process and gained quite a great amount of joy from it. Subsequently, she decided to found Cake in A Cup and fully embrace her passion for baking.

Carly has been baking a lot since starting out. Currently she is providing some seriously delicious baked goods for local events such as birthday parties, local conferences, as well as bridal and baby showers. She has expressed a keen interest in expanding to other events such as weddings and transitioning to being able to do this full time.

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I could tell just by briefly talking to her about Cake in A Cup just how much joy and excitement she fosters for doing this. In my mind, there is nothing worthier of support than someone who really puts themselves out there like this and pursues something that makes them happy.

I cannot help but to admire those who have the courage to take these big steps and see where the road will take them. These are truly the very type of local small businesses that this blog has always sought to support.

Carly currently takes orders by phone primarily
(513) 618-9303

but can also be reached via her Facebook Page

So please consider Cake in A Cup for your next party/event and continue to support local bakers like Carly that make this area so special.


One thought on “Cake in A Cup Review: The San Marcos Food Blog

  1. Oh my gosh those cupcakes look beyond amazing. Next time im in San Marcos Im definitely stopping by and getting myself a taste of some of these treats. Could not be more hungry right now!

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