Rogelio’s Restaurant Review: The San Marcos Food Blog

Good day to you my fellow San Martians, I would like to take this time to remind you to support Small/Local business by visiting one of my favorite places to chow down, Rogelio’s.

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If you find yourself hungry and in the mood for some delicious Mexican food then I highly recommend making a trip over to 625 S L B J Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666 to a place where the salsa (which is not for the faint-hearted) flows freely and the chips arrive in piles.



“Rogelio Nieto left his homeland of Sauz-Palo Gordo (El Sauz), Mexico at the age of 15 in order to fulfill his ambition of living the American dream. Through his endeavor he found his passion for the food industry and worked in numerous kitchens found in the Austin, Texas area.

After managing several restaurants for 20 years, Rogelio decided to introduce his own recipes. With support of close friends and customers that already loved his popular dishes, Rogelio opened the doors to his restaurant in 1998. Since then Rogelio’s Restaurant has continued running with the help of his family, staff, and its loyal customers.”10409699_322656221271005_2049517143137112226_n

Right from the moment you swing open the heavy glass door you can tell you are in for a treat, the eccentrically decorated and brightly colored restaurant immediately takes you by surprise, the art on the walls tells many tales and seems to span quite a few eras of time.10562654_282731055263522_7957212902823531407_o

But enough with the decor, lets talk food.

After you choose which table you want to dine at and your Waitress/Waiter takes your drink order, you are soon looking through a menu (Breakfast or Lunch/Dinner) and deciding on whatever appeals to you most, (highly recommend the chicken fajitas, tortilla soup, or stuffed poblano peppers) but I’ve yet to be disappointed by this place.

So by all means, try anything, and take your time to browse the menu as you will likely have discovered by this point that their chips and salsa are, in layman’s terms “off the chain”
Your food arrives shortly after and the people who work here have always been very kind and not too shabby on the speed either, your plates are slid in front of you actually sizzling if you tried the fajitas, and your feast can begin.

(assuming you haven’t already filled up on their glorious chips and salsa which deserve this second parenthesized mention) The owners are often in the restaurant and will occasionally come visit your table and ask you how everything is or if you need anything.

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When you’ve finally finished your meal if you’re able to stand, you just stroll over to the counter and they’re ready to ring you up.

The pricing is quite friendly especially considering the amount of students right down the street so I encourage you to consider those savings when deciding on the amount of tip you’re going to leave (having lived off of tips for a couple of years myself.)

All-and-all, a great experience every time I’ve been and I’ve gotten to know the people who own and work there over time and learned how they’ve taken a bit of a financial blow as these large chain restaurants continue to pop up in our city and take business from our Mom and Pop’s
So again just a reminder: Shop local, Eat local, Support local. It also helps a lot that this particular local is absolutely delicious.
Have a nice day my friends
– A fellow San Martian

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