Blue Dahlia Bistro: The San Marcos Food Blog

In July 2017, Blue Dahlia Bistro opened the doors of it’s San Marcos location, adding a touch of European charm to the catalog of San Marcos dining.  Located on the square in the heart of downtown, this delightful bistro features a menu ranging from a light brunch that lifts your spirits to a hearty dinner sure to warm your soul.  IMG_4592.JPG

Be sure to sit in the back garden, which will transport you instantly to a peaceful and relaxing European villa where you will forget the stresses of the day and focus on the joy of the food in front of you.


As a diagnosed coffee addict, I appreciate any place that serves it by the bowl.  This delicious cup goes quite well with a fluffy frittata or Belgian waffles to get the day started on the right foot.  I can’t think of a better way to kick off a sleepy weekend morning.



During the busy week, be sure to stop in for a light an refreshing lunch, sampling some of Blue Dahlia’s mouthwatering Tartines, including Chicken Salad, French Goat Cheese, Roasted Turkey, Egg Salad, and my personal favorite: Sliced Cold Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Dill (see, too another bowl of coffee).


If perhaps, your taste is for something warmer and more savory, you must not get away from a Blue Dahlia visit without trying the Mussels Provencal.  Steamed mussels with tomatoes and herbs in a garlic based broth served with warm fresh bread.  The powerful aroma and flavor of the herbs and garlic offer a hearty meal that is as much an experience as it is sustenance.  Close your eyes and you are on the edge of the sea sipping wine and taking in the fresh flavor of what that sea has to offer.


Lest we forget those of us who prefer a hearty meat dish, Blue Dahlia offers a Rustic French meatloaf, which is a mixture of beef, pork, mushrooms, and onions with greens and a side of au jus.  This recipe creates a zesty, exciting combination of flavors that lends itself well to the autumn air.  As the weather begins to cool, this is the perfect dish to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that only something as comforting as meatloaf can give.




Top it all of with some poached pears or another fabulous dessert to make the day complete.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Be sure to stop by Blue Dahlia on the Square in downtown San Marcos and try one of the many gems from their diverse, light and delightful menu.  Or stop in for happy hour to share drinks and cheese board with friends.

Blue Dahlia is located at 107 E. Hopkins in San Marcos.  Open Sunday-Wednesday 9am-9pm and Thursday-Saturday 9am-10pm.

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