Good Afternoon, San Marcos

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My name is Luke. I have lived in Central Texas most of my life and cherish this heritage very much. I love this place and will be buried here.

I graduated from Texas Lutheran University with my BS in Molecular Biology in December 2015 and have many many things that interest me and take up my time. Food is definitely one of them.

This area of the country has some very diverse cuisine. Admittedly, I am in love with Indian, Thai, and Tex-Mex first and foremost, but there is so much more to sample around this area than just these. It is sometimes surprising to learn the variety of cuisine that exists in Central Texas.

I am very passionate about food. Trying new food, cooking new dishes, and just learning about food and its relation to culture, community, and tradition is something I am enamored with and have been for most of my life. I enjoy cooking and eating pretty much in equal proportion.

For many years, I have been to different restaurants and such all around the world. I have sampled food in Paris, France, Rome, Italy,. Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Washington DC, New Orleans, Kentucky, South Carolina, and many many places around Central Texas.

This blog is a culmination of many times when I would have liked to share with people a great place to eat, but did not have the venue for such an action. One great dish can really turn a day or week around. Further, many people do not know this area as well as I do and I would like to serve as a guide to find and advertise the places that are really worth going to.

The goal of this blog is to seek out and highlight restaurants, new and old, who serve delicious food, and to give them coverage in the hopes that they stay in business and that people get to taste their food.

I do this as a public service and because I truly enjoy writing, eating, food photography, and helping local businesses while meeting new people. I am not a food critic. I choose the places that I truly enjoy in San Marcos and do everything I can to help them. For the places I do not like, I will tell them exactly what I did not like and try to help them change in anyway I can but I will not write negative reviews on them as that is not the purpose of this blog.




My name is Jason Kirkwood, I am informing you of this because my friend Luke is trusting me to keep up with this page while he enters a journey that will leave him no time to continue to promote local restaurants. I love writing, I love small and local business, and I love food. He considers me a good candidate for maintaining this page so I intend to do my best.

My biggest flaw with promoting local restaurants is that I cook 90% of my own meals and when I do go out to eat I usually default to a couple of the same places, so if any of you would not mind pointing me to some delicious locally owned places that you like to eat I would absolutely appreciate it.

My aim is to keep up with this on a bi-weekly basis because I really do love the idea of supporting the Mom & Pops of this city, especially when I see more and more big chains popping up around town so I look forward to pointing you to the few spots I know and love as well as hearing the places you love too.

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