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It is a very rare weekend that you do not find me at Casa de Don Lorenzo Mexican Restaurant(formerly called J&L Mexican Restaurant) for breakfast. This place is by far my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in San Marcos.

In my opinion,  Casa de Don Lorenzo  is one of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in Central Texas.. Over the years, I have sampled nearly every Tex-Mex place in town, from the larger restaurants to the taco trailers, and everything in between. I still cannot choose any of them over J&L. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love Tex-Mex probably more than almost any other food.

How could one not love things like Refried Beans, Fresh Tortillas, Migas, Breakfast Tacos, Homemade Salsa? To my delight, Tex-Mex has truly been an integral part of my diet for most of my life. I have never gone too long without eating it, and this will most likely never change. For the last couple years, I have satisfied this craving at Casa de Don Lorenzo.

Casa de Don Lorenzo is all-around delicious. They do everything just right, putting great finesse and flavor into each dish. Every ingredient is cooked beautifully. They have great thick-cut bacon, delicious eggs, and perfectly cooked potatoes. One can tell that everything is fresh and prepared on-site that day.

Their breakfast tacos are larger and more filling than most and the “Migas Plate” is unparalleled in my opinion. My recommendation for new diners would have to be the Migas Plate, any of their breakfast tacos,  or the Cheese Enchiladas with a side of guacamole. I sometimes find myself ordering the Cheese Enchiladas for breakfast because of how good they are. They are hands-down the best in town. I cannot say enough good things about this place.

Additionally, they serve this food quite consistently. I have never had an “off” meal at Casa de Don Lorenzo.  I get really hungry in the morning and this food just fills like nothing else. To come here and get breakfast tacos and coffee is something I look forward to frequently. To sum it up: This restaurant is extremely fulfilling.

Migas Plate

Bacon, Potato, and Cheese Breakfast Tacos

Casa de Don Lorenzo is located at 307 W. Martin Luther King Dr. near the downtown area.  This Restaurant is the perfect incentive to forgo sleeping in since J&L’s operating hours are focused mostly on the morning. They close every day around 2:00 pm, so if you want to have time for a nice sit-down meal, I would go for breakfast.

This restaurant is a great place to take family and it can seat many at a table. The service here is quite wonderful, with all the waitresses being very friendly and accommodating. You will never have to call them to you as they check on you just the right amount. I really must say that the people at J&L are all very welcoming.

Living in the Central Texas area, there is certainly many and more Tex-Mex restaurants to choose from. One problem I see is that many of these delicious dining establishments are small operations and are not very well-known. I still find that many people have not heard of some of the best restaurants in San Marcos and this certainly includes Casa de Don Lorenzo.

With this Review, my intention is to give some coverage to a delicious Tex-Mex restaurant that I myself dine at regularly in hopes that more people will become aware of them and also so they can continue to stay in business. Casa de Don Lorenzodeserves your business because they serve amazing Tex-Mex with fantastic service at great prices. Doesn’t get much better than that.

So if you are in San Marcos and are craving some authentic, delicious Tex-Mex, I highly recommend you try Casa de Don Lorenzo.

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